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Safire goes to METSTRADE 2021 on 16.-18.11.2021

Although the corona situation in the Netherlands has deteriorated and exhibitors have had to opt out, it has been decided that METSTRADE 2021 gets the green light! Safire is also attending and available at the Finland Pavilion and you are welcome!

METSTRADE is the world's largest and most important event in the boat industry, with equipment and component manufacturers and suppliers presenting their new products to boat manufacturers, equipment wholesalers and retailers.

The event will be held in Amsterdam and in 2019 there were 1,670 exhibitors and 18,000 industry participiants from 120 different countries. So this is not a small event. Unfortunately, due to the corona situation in 2020, the event was not organized and we are now looking forward to what kind of set METSTRADE 2021 will gather.

Read more about the event

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