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The Safire 2000B heater has a permanently mounted control panel at the bottom of the unit. The device is easy to use. Click the device on the power switch and the rest will take care of itself. The temperature can be adjusted simply by pressing a button. If you wish, you can equip your Safire heater with the 1287B GSM controller, with which you can warm up your cottage in advance. When you come to the cottage, you will find a dry warm cottage and warm bed linen. No more igniting wet trees and attracting traction to the barrel.

The Safire 2000B is amazingly compact on top, knee-high in height and weighing in at its edge. It does not require large safety distances around it. Only a brush for cleaning to the sides and a meter upwards to allow the heat to flow freely. No touching surface becomes hot.

The Safire 2000B is available in two different color options, light and black powder coating. Light is well suited for contemporary light interiors, while elegant black is better suited for patinated log cabins.

Safire cottage heaters have all wiring and fuel lines pre-connected. Installation is easy even from an amateur. One hole in the wall for the exhaust passage and another small for the fuel pipe. Install the bushing, turn on the electricity, add fuel and start using.

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Heating power: 0.7 - 2kW = 10 - 40 m2 heating area
Fuel: biodiesel / diesel / fuel oil / kerosene
Consumption: 0.07-0.2 l / h = 1.7-4.8 l / day
Operating voltage: 12 V
Power consumption: 0.15-0.30 A 12 V DC (1.8 - 3.6 W)
Power consumption Gsm:  25mA (0.6 Ah / day) power saving mode 14mA (0.34 Ah / day)
Start-up: From the control panel or with a GSM controller
Temperature / power control: Automatically with thermostat, control panel or GSM
Dimensions / weight: 600 x 170 x 212 mm / 10 kg


  • Wall grommet set

  • Chimney mounting kit

  • GSM starter 1287B

  • Fuel tank 22l-30l

  • Acid-resistant flue gas pipe  43mm

  • Additional fan 12V


  • Heater

  • Fuel hoses 3m

  • Tank connector for 22l-30l tank

  • Power cords 4m

  • Thermostat 4m

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