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The most efficient heater in the collection, which is comfortable enough to heat even large boats.

The Safire 39Di is the most powerful heater in the Safire range, which is comfortable enough to heat even large boats. The powerful large-diameter and large-rotor main air blower, combined with the intelligent motor control implemented with chipper technology, can guarantee efficient operation in all conditions, without compromising on silence.  

The heater control circuit is capable of producing maximum blowing even if the voltage to the heater is less than 12 volts. Intelligent control logic regulates the operation of the heater so that maximum power is always obtained from the heat exchanger. 

There are 4x60mm hot air connections, which gives a lot of cross-sectional area and a smooth, as well as quiet flow in the piping. Safire 39Di heaters have been installed on boats up to 13 meters in size.

  • Power  0.9-3.9 kW, power consumption  0.5-1.9 A,  6.0-23.0 W

  • Widest power range 0.9-3.9 kW and minimum power consumption 0.5-1.9 A / 6-23W

  • Carbon brushless fan motors, very long life and quiet, smooth running sound

  • Self-diagnostics determines the cause of the malfunction and is easily reset

  • The electronic thermostat automatically controls the required heat output steplessly

  • Intelligent motor control based on PWM switch technology.  

  • Easy to use and install as well as inexpensive to maintain, even by yourself.  

  • Very compact size. 

Safire 39Di
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Fuel:  biodiesel / diesel / kerosene
Consumption:  0.09-0.39 l / h, 2.16-9.36 l / day
Operating voltage:  12V
Power consumption:  0.5-1.9 A (6-23W)
Starting current:  8 A, 6 min. I drive
Control panel:  separate
Heating air connections:  4 × 60
Fresh air connection:  115 mm
Housing material:  rst
Weight:  10 kg


  • Basic control panel (incl. Thermostat)

  • Genius control panel

  • Temperature sensor, stepless electronic thermostat

  • Frame or deck bushing for flue gases

  • Flue gas pipe 28/45 mm

  • Hot air hose / grilles

  • Tank connector for bulk or diesel tank

  • Fresh air connection adapter 115/2 × 75


  • Heater

  • Mounting bracket

  • Fuel pump and line 3 + 1.5m

  • Power cords pre-connected, 4m

  • Control panel cable, 8m

  • Tensioners and mounting screws

  • Hot air connection 4x 60mm

  • Fresh air connection 115mm

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