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Safire cera22 diesel stove is safe, has no open flame and is easy to use.  Power on and off from the switch.

The Safire cera22 is made with completely redesigned control electronics and a redesigned burner. It boils a liter of cold water in 11 minutes. It is safe, it has no open flame. It's easy to use, just turn on the power.

This stove completes the entire range so that the boat can dispense with the use of gas altogether. The ceramic hob is safe and easy to use. Just click a button and the automation will ignite a flame inside the appliance and the stove will heat up. The boat's own diesel fuel is used as fuel. The flue gases are safely discharged. The stove can boil a liter of water in 11 minutes when cold water and a cold boiler are placed on a stove that is not on. With the hob on, the time is halved. The device is very stylish and easy to install and easy to keep clean.

The control electronics of the stove represent a completely new design. The experience and know-how in the operation and control of the heaters throughout the history of Safire has been transferred to the circuit board. It has been implemented with the latest SMD technology and its power consumption has been able to be further dropped. The card is fully lacquered, like previous Sapphire circuit cards, and withstands the harsh conditions of the boat.

The stove must be flush-mounted and the control panel supplied in the factory package is installed outside the appliance in the immediate vicinity.

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Fuel:  diesel oil (fuel oil) Power: 900W - 2100W
Consumption:  0.09-0.21 l / h, 2.16-5.04 l / day
Operating voltage:  12 V DC
Power consumption:  0.4-0.9 A (4.8-10.8 W)
Starting current:  8 A, about 7 min. I drive
Control panel:  separate
Material:  RST
Dimensions:  (LxWxH): 463 x 317 x 175 mm
Mounting hole:  443 x 300 mm
Weight:  6 kg


  • Flue gas pipe 45 / Ø28 mm

  • Tanker


  • Stove

  • Control panel

  • Installation accessories

  • Power cords 4 m

  • Pa pump and pa line 3 + 1.5 m

  • Control panel cable 2 m

  • Frame bushing

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