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12 volt Safire auxiliary fan for cottage heaters

Forget the Chinese rupees placed on top of the heater, which bring heat mainly to the merchant’s wallet. Sapphire’s answer to this is a decent fan that is guaranteed to dissipate heat efficiently. The auxiliary fan has a decent ball bearing fan, and two different speeds as needed.

Turn on when needed and turn off if desired. Power consumption is extremely low in all conditions and ventilation is efficient. If necessary, the box in the frame can be bent slightly to direct the blowing to different angles of the cottage.

The heater can be connected to all old and new Safire heaters along with the power supply with the included cable using a piece of sugar or a splitter. For Safire 3200 and 2000B heaters manufactured after 2019/02, the fan can be connected directly to the connector on the heater circuit board and the 1287B GSM can control it directly remotely on and off. This property is very convenient for increasing the efficiency of the cottage heating and controlling the blowing around the cottage.  

12V quiet centrifugal fan and two speeds. Attaches to the edge of the device by hanging and reinforces the attachment with two magnets. comes with a 1.2m mounting cable, with which the device draws its electricity from the same electrical connector as the heater.

Safire lisäpuhallin mökkilämmittimille 12V: Product
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